Idaho Foodbank Gets ‘Super Milk’ that Stays Fresh on Shelves for Months!

Idaho Foodbank Gets 'Super Milk' that Stays Fresh on Shelves for Months

Idaho Foodbank has received a generous donation from Chobani in the form of ‘Super Milk,’ a specially formulated dairy product designed to remain shelf-stable for extended periods. This initiative addresses a critical need for nutritious, long-lasting food options for families and individuals facing economic hardship across the state.

‘Super Milk’ represents a significant advancement in food bank donations. It offers 50% more protein and 25% less sugar than traditional dairy milk. This nutritional profile not only provides essential nutrients but also aligns with dietary recommendations for a healthy lifestyle.

The product’s shelf stability is achieved through Ultra High Temperature (UHT) technology, which involves briefly subjecting the milk to high temperatures to eliminate bacteria, thus ensuring its safety and longevity without the need for refrigeration. This makes ‘Super Milk’ particularly suitable for distribution through food banks, where storage conditions may vary.

Becca Dittrich, speaking on behalf of Chobani, emphasized the product’s practical benefits for families experiencing food insecurity. She noted that many households dilute their milk with water to extend its use, making ‘Super Milk’ a valuable resource that helps alleviate this common practice and ensures families receive adequate nutrition.

Randy Ford, President and CEO of the Idaho Foodbank, underscored the significance of Chobani’s donation amidst rising food insecurity rates. Approximately 14% of children in Idaho face food insecurity, highlighting the critical need for accessible, nutritious food options like ‘Super Milk’ that can reach communities statewide.

Chobani’s commitment to supporting local communities is evident in their substantial donation of thousands of cases of ‘Super Milk’ to the Idaho Foodbank. This initiative not only addresses immediate hunger relief but also promotes long-term food security strategies by providing high-quality, shelf-stable dairy products to those in need.

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Overall, the introduction of ‘Super Milk’ represents a collaborative effort between Chobani and the Idaho Foodbank to combat food insecurity effectively. By enhancing access to nutritious dairy products that do not require refrigeration, this donation aims to make a meaningful impact on the lives of Idahoans facing economic challenges.

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